Tips to lose weight in the new year!


Many of us resolve to make this year the one where we finally lose weight and keep it off. As we all know, this is an ongoing process that can be very challenging. The good news is, weight loss does not have to be difficult. With the right mind set, it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. Here are some easy tips to help you along:

Focus on small changes each step of the way

Eat six small meals a day

Try to eat organic as much as possible

Cut out as much fast food as you can

Fill most of your plate with veggies

Drink up to half your body weight in water

Stay away from refined food such as sugar and enriched products such as white flour, white rice, white bread, and pasta that is not organic or whole grain.

Add hot spices to your food like cayenne pepper. This can help you burn more fat and increase your metabolism.

Finish a meal with a piece of fresh fruit instead of cakes and biscuits.


Stay positive! Don’t say “I’m going to try to lose weight”, but “I will lose weight and feel great.” Be committed to staying on course and making these necessary lifestyle and dietary changes.


Source: PTI Buzz – February 3, 2013