Personal Training Institute clients say it best …

    Jim Lamb

    - Guilford , CT

  • “I have been struggling with my gradual weight gain for several years. I have memberships in local fitness clubs; I have all the aerobic equipment I need in my home; I play a lot of golf and do a lot of walking. While my eating habits were not great; they were ok… When I first… Read more »

  • Kim Larkin

    - Farmingdale , NY

  • “I cannon begin to thank you for the incredible support I have received from the PTI staff. The progress I have made in just 6 months has far exceeded my expectations. I truly believe the key to my success was the opportunity to meet with the nutritionist every week. I had no idea going into… Read more »

  • Peter Comas

    , NY

  • In 4 months – Lost 26 pounds and 6 inches off my waist 1 ½ years later – I’m still 26 pounds lighter and have a smaller waist size than I had in High School I’m a management consultant that fixes up old, blue-chip companies. These organizations all want to change their old, inefficient ways…
    Read more »

  • Rita Diez

    - Rockville Centre , NY

  • I am writing this to tell you how great this particular this gym is. First of all, every time I walk into the gym, I am acknowledged and greeted not only by the person seated at the front desk but by every trainer I pass on my way to the locker room! I find the…
    Read more »

Training for an Active Life

Personalized fitness & nutrition can bring your lifestyle goals within reach

Active is a word most people want to use to describe themselves. In reality, busy work schedules, long commutes and family responsibilities can derail “healthy” intentions. Daily, dieters scrap their resolutions because their plans are not sustainable or achieving desired results. Sports enthusiasts too often fall short of their goals because they do not have support or access to experts in setting an achievable road map. Health concerns such as high cholesterol, declining bone density and more too often feel insurmountable. While doctors say you need to improve your diet and exercise, patients lack an easy and viable program to make meaningful changes. Training for an improved life can work if it entails both fitness and nutrition. Add to that the opportunity to work one-to-one with a personal trainer and nutritionist, and you have a combination that can ensure success. Imagine a program that is designed by exercise physiologists and nutrition experts with the goal of producing the best results for your body type and lifestyle. Consider a program that entails no fad workouts, diets or special foods to buy. Visualize a program that fits into your busy schedule with proven results based upon just two to three efficient half-hour weekly sessions with regular nutritional consults. Such a program is now available at the Personal Training Institute® (PTI), your destination for personalized fitness training and nutritional counseling to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Get a Grip on Your Shape

Game on for personalized fitness & nutrition

Transforming your shape is so much more than what you see in the mirror. Personal strength, endurance, flexibility, heart health and overall well-being reflect a commitment to good health inside and out. Personal Training Institute is providing one-to-one personal training and nutritional counseling during each visit. PTI’s hallmark of one-to-one strength training and nutrition set it apart from regular gyms.  It is this one-to-one individual support that can propel you to success – whether you are getting ready for that special event, planning to climb a mountain or you simply want to live your best live … now. Imagine the benefits:
  • - Leaner, stronger and more energetic
  • - Stronger abs to lessen low back strain
  • - Increased flexibility that enables you to twist, bend and maneuver your body
  • - Stop bone loss if you are at-risk or have osteoporosis
  • - Endurance to see you through a long golf match, hiking or any other activity that fits your lifestyle!