Rita Diez - Rockville Centre , NY

I am writing this to tell you how great this particular this gym is. First of all, every time I walk into the gym, I am acknowledged and greeted not only by the person seated at the front desk but by every trainer I pass on my way to the locker room! I find the staff always accommodating and so helpful – no matter how small (or dumb) the question is, & everyone is always pleasant and down to earth. Most importantly, the attitude and atmosphere is always positive, which can be tough because with the economy the way it is, people have problems. I must attribute this attitude and atmosphere to the manager Rosie Santana. While everyone is exceptional in their own right, I believe that the manager sets the tone and the assistant manager (Nicole Spitzer) reinforces it.

So often people are quick to complain and point out what’s wrong but no one stops to say what’s right.

I must add that while I have trained with different people at the Rockville Centre branch and they are all so good I am impartial to Anthony P. with whom I have standing appointment. He is a really great trainer!