PTI’s Weight Loss Challenge Yielding Results

Canadian Subway® team weighs in on progress & charities that will benefit

Jericho, NY, October 15, 2010– Personal Training Institute® (PTI) started a chain reaction for people to improve their lives by combining nutrition and fitness, and a Subway® team from Canada just reported back their progress regarding PTI’s weight loss challenge they accepted at the 2010 Subway® Convention July 21-25 in Chicago, Illinois.

“I am really proud of everyone on the Canadian Subway team,” commented Carol Kur, MSRD, Co/founder of PTI. “They are proof positive that taking active steps to combine fitness and nutrition can yield great results!”

During the summer Subway convention, PTI’s Kur presented two seminars on health and fitness, and she conducted body fat analysis, as well as provided nutritional advice to conferees. Her message resonated with four members from a Canadian Subway team (see attached photo L-R) Jim Weatherall, Barb Pineau, (PTI’s Carol Kur, center) Mike Lopez and Steve Green, who were spurred on to lose weight. Kur donated a Tanita weight scale to the group. The foursome had their first weigh-in at the convention and has just completed a weigh-in at their Fall Field Meeting in Canada.

Barb, who has raised $2,730 to date, has lost 7.4 lbs and 1.1% body fat. Should she win the challenge, she wishes to split the money between her local food bank and the babies needs bank. Mike won an initial $60 side bet with his 15.8 lb weight loss and .3% body fat, and he has raised $1,520 so far. Should he win, Mike intends to commit his resources to Haliburton Highlands Health Services. Jim, who has raised $600, has lost 6.8 lbs and 1.2% body fat and has selected Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario as his charity of choice. Steve has lost 2.4 lbs and gained 3.1% body fat and plans to give the money to Pedal for Hope, should he win the challenge. The final weigh-in is scheduled at the Spring Field Meeting and will determine who wins and which charity will benefit from all of the money raised.