PTI Solutions

Personal Training Institute clients have different goals that we can help them to achieve. What’s your goal?



It all starts with a personal consultation where we get to know you — your lifestyle and your fitness goals. With your Nutritionist you’ll review your diet and weight loss/gain history. What diets have you tried? What are your personal obstacles? With your Fitness Trainer, you’ll review strength, cardio and lean muscle goals, learn about your metabolic rate and muscle-to-fat ratios. Working together, your nutritionist and fitness trainer will design a fitness and weight management program that’s individualized for your age, body, life style and goals.

And then, THEY WILL CONTINUE to work with you, every step of the way, ON EVERY VISIT, to monitor your progress and make adjustments, to help you reach your goals.

PTI Fitness and Nutrition Programs are designed by Exercise Physiologists and Registered Dietitians. And, every PTI Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist that works with our clients is certified through our unique PTI protocol.