PTI Co-Founder Carol Kur Headlines on Times Square Jumbotron in NYC

Nutrition takes the spotlight on the NYC jumbotron

11228031-nutrition-takes-the-spotlight-on-the-nyc-jumbotronJericho, NY, January 17, 2011— Nutrition and fitness took the giant spotlight in Times Square Friday, January 14, with a promotion featuring Lanette Kovachi (left), MS, RD, corporate dietician for SUBWAY and Carol Kur (right), MS, RD, nutrition & fitness expert and co/founder of PTI.  The promotion featured on the Times Square Jumbotron was intended to raise awareness for SUBWAY’s website (, which offers health and fitness tips that can help get people off to a healthy start in the New Year.

According to PTI Co/founder Carol Kur, “The promotional feature on the Times Square Jumbotron was both fun and gratifying.  Nutrition deserves the spotlight, and I am so pleased to join with SUBWAY to provide tips that can contribute to a healthier America.”