Peter Comas , NY

In 4 months – Lost 26 pounds and 6 inches off my waist

1 ½ years later – I’m still 26 pounds lighter and have a smaller waist size than I had in High School

I’m a management consultant that fixes up old, blue-chip companies. These organizations all want to change their old, inefficient ways but find there are too many obstacles that prevent them. As a result, they hire consultants to implement change. They find it’s better to hire someone from the outside who has a fresh view of the situation and has experience with transforming from current state to future state.

Over the last twelve years of my consulting, I’ve been asked to change years of bad habits, correct incorrect procedures, and transform wrong thinking. I’ve come to understand the difficultly in trying to change. From my experience, I believe there are two important factors for successful change:

  1. The Change Agent
  2. A Detailed Game Plan for Change

I didn’t realize when I started with PTI that their model was based on these two concepts. But within a month, I started seeing results and I knew that this was the program for me. 1 ½ years later, I’m still with the program and have kept off those 26 pounds.

PTI – Change Agent With a Detailed Game Plan

Looking back at myself before joining PTI, I now realize that PTI helped me change many of my bad habits into good habits:

  1. Exercising without Dieting – Losing weight and becoming fit requires BOTH diet and exercise. I thought my exercising allowed me to eat more food.
  2. Lack of Portion Control – The PTI nutritionist taught me portion control. This was a mental realignment. Sounds simple in theory but we all know the difficulty implementing.
  3. Eating the Wrong Foods – Carbs are the enemy. Replaced bad carbs with good carbs.
  4. Not Eating Enough During the Day – My eating habits have changed. I now eat three balanced meals and two healthy snacks a day. Also, no more food after 7 pm. Thanks again to the PTI nutritionist.
  5. Performing Exercises that I Liked Doing – I was guilty of an exercise routine that consisted of exercises that I liked doing. No more. Today my PTI exercise routine consists of all major muscle groups. Also, after six sessions, they change the exercise routine.
  6. Inefficient Exercise – One of the best things I like about PTI is the exercise routine. I work all muscle groups the correct way. Found out there is a big difference between doing the exercises with the correct form. Every rep is monitored for perfect form and position.
  7. Not Pushing Myself in My Exercise – PTI pushes me to exert myself with every exercise. Many times I my say to myself that is enough reps. PTI always makes me do more. PTI has also significantly increased my stamina by giving my combination exercises – weight training with cardio.
  8. Not Being Selfish – I’ve learned that being fit requires me to be selfish. Proper diet and exercise require saying no to other things. My family and friends now realize that I take timeout for myself to get to the gym.

Bottom Line – I’m 50 years old and no longer have a gut. I now wear slim-fit shirts and size 30 waist pants. PTI helped me change years of bad habits into good habits. I now look forward to each PTI workout sessions.