Jim Lamb - Guilford , CT

Testimonial_Jim_Lamb“I have been struggling with my gradual weight gain for several years. I have memberships in local fitness clubs; I have all the aerobic equipment I need in my home; I play a lot of golf and do a lot of walking. While my eating habits were not great; they were ok… When I first talked to the trainers at PTI, I felt it was too expensive and I looked at it as a luxury. My clothes didn’t fit and I did not like the way I looked or felt. My wife was supportive but skeptical! I have worked with all the trainers and am impressed with the consistency of the approach. They push me and encourage me and have become friends.  I now weigh 177, a loss of 20 pounds and equal to my high school football playing weight, which was 44 years ago. I feel great! I am energized and still looking forward to my training sessions. I recently had my cholesterol levels rechecked and there was a significant improvement across the board. If you are serious about seeing results, in my opinion, there is not a better place to put your time, money and faith than Personal Training Institute.”