Category: Health FAQ

What types of exercises can help sciatic nerve problems?

Strength training can be done in a pain free range of motion, with the help of a personal trainer, allowing for strengthening of surrounding muscles and increased flexibility. This decreases pain!

How can exercise help with Rheumatory Arthritis?

Proper strength training will help to alleviate pain and will increase muscular strength, develop stronger bones and connective tissue, while also helping to reduce body fat. Our Fitness Foundation program, which is strength training 3 times per week and monthly nutrition, is perfect.

How does strength training help women in their 40’s battle stomach fat?

With sound balanced nutrition and some proper guidance in strength training, you can have the best body you ever had in your 40’s and on. Proper strength training is the number one way to get that body. You will put back lost muscle tissue that will increase your metabolism and burn more calories than just diet and cardiovascular exercise could.