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Does strength training turn fat into muscle?

Fat and muscle are two completely different types of tissue. One can’t turn into the other. Fat is a soft, bulky, voluminous, lumpy yellow color tissue that sits on top of our muscle. Muscle is a lean, hard, firm and tight tissue. To achieve the body that most of us desire, we need to increase our muscle and decrease the layer of fat that sits on top of it. This is accomplished best through strength training and a low fat diet.

Is it necessary to lose weight before beginning to strength train?

No, as a matter of fact strength training will help you to lose weight. As we age we lose muscle tissue. Since muscle is a highly metabolic tissue, our metabolism actually slows down, making it easier to gain fat. With a sensible strength training program, you will regain your lost muscle tissue, increasing your metabolism and lose the fat.

Does strength training have a negative effect on sports performance?

Every athlete in any sport can benefit from proper strength training. The training does not need to mimic the sport action to gain strength, either. Proper strength training will build muscle, improve flexibility, improve muscle endurance, and provide more power and speed!

Does lifting weights make women bulky?

Women only have one-onehundreth the amount of testosterone a man has. Even most men do not have the potential to become a bodybuilder type. Big and bulky just means having more fat on top of your muscle. Most people who start a strength training program eat a little extra because now they are working out.

Should different muscle groups be worked out on different days?

Your body works as one unit, taking energy from everywhere. So, no matter which muscle group you are working out, your body need 48 hours to recover for the best results. Working out a different muscle group each day doesn’t give your body this 48 hours to recover, therefore will slow down results.

Is one set more effective than doing multiple sets?

In order to increase muscle, you need to overload the muscle to exhaustion within a certain amount of time frame, with good form (to keep you safe from injury). If you do this effectively in one set, than doing 2 or more sets would be like paving the same road 3 times.

Is vigorous activity necessary to lose weight?

Although running and walking briskly will increase cardiovascular endurance, these midrange activities can actually cause inflexibility and can reduce fat loss. Strength training is the best way to lose weight. It increases muscle tissue, therefore increasing metabolism, which burns more calories.

Are free weights or the nautilus system more effective at adding muscle mass and muscle strength when trying to increase body size?

Most free weight exercises apply the heaviest pressure where you are weakest and are apply little weight to where you are strongest, which means your strong muscles won’t grow stronger. Nautilus equipment, on the other hand, can make you stronger and bigger. But remember, genetics is the number one reason people are able to look like body builders.