Cool off with these tasty frozen treats!


What can be more fun than ice cream on a hot day. Here are some varieties that won’t break your calorie budget. All portions are based on 1/2 cup serving or per bar:

Dreyer’s Mango Fruit Bars: 80 calories

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudge Ice Cream Bars: 60 calories

Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Dessert Bars: 110 calories

Breyers Light Double Churned: 120 to 130 calories

Breyers Light No Sugar Added: 80 to 120 calories

Breyers Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Bars: 120 calories

Breyers Chocolate Caramel Brownie Sandwich: 160 calories

Edy’s/Dryer’s Slow Churned Ice Cream: 100 to 130 calories

Edy’s/Dryer’s Fat-Free Frozen Yogurt: 90 to 100 calories

Stonyfield Farm Low Fat and Nonfat Frozen Yogurt: 130 calories

Healthy Choice ice cream bars and sandwiches: 80 to 140 calories

Klondike Slim-a-Bar Fudge Bar No Sugar Added: 110 calories

Klondike Slim-a-Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches: 120 calories

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich: 140 calories, all flavors

Skinny Cow Truffle Bars: 100 calories

Skinny Cow Mint Cone with Fudge: 150 calories

Starbucks Frappuccino Bars Nonfat Frozen Yogurt: 120 calories

Weight Watchers: bars, cones, sandwiches: 60 to 140 calories

Blue Bunny English Toffee Ice Cream Bars: 100 calories


Source: PTI Buzz – June 9, 2014