About Us

Personal Training Institute™ is a unique organization offering customized one-on-one fitness and nutrition programs to individuals looking to improve their overall health and general lifestyle.

We established our concept in 1987 when co-founders Evelyn Knapp M.S. and Carol Kur M.S.R.D. started a personalized strength training and weight loss facility. Our program which includes training which targets muscle strength and optimal nutrition can achieve better results than training or nutrition alone.

Relying on a combination of custom-tailored strength training workout sessions, cardio training, nutrition counseling, motivation techniques and best in the business exercise equipment, our programs offered great success to participants from first time exercisers to advanced athletes. This became the foundation for what is now the Personal Training Institute franchise of exercise and nutrition centers backed by a skilled staff of certified personal trainers, nutritionists and business professionals.

Our Mission is focused on results: to educate, motivate and direct our clients to obtain optimal health and well-being through a lifetime of balanced fitness and nutrition. We work as a team with positive focused energy to transform desired goals into reality.

We want you to know about the benefits of being a Personal Training Institute client. We begin with a free Health Assessment and Trial Workout. Before your workout begins your PTI personal trainer will evaluate your medical information and goals and will conduct a body fat analysis using a Tanita scale. This will provide a baseline of information. You will warm up using cardio equipment and then move to a 30 minute strength training workout assessing your fitness capabilities as well as your limitations. You will be guided and coached through our PTI specific training protocol and gain knowledge on how this equipment along with a personal trainer and a nutritionist can give you maximum results in a time efficient and safe environment.

We are dedicated to reach beyond the expectations of all the lives we touch giving them physical and personal fulfillment.

Carol Kur MSRD, is currently co-founder and co- owner of the Personal Training Institute in Rockville Centre NY. For 33 years she has utilized her extensive knowledge of diet, weight management, nutrition and exercise to assist people in attaining their personal fitness and weight loss goals. Ms. Kur is a Registered Dietitian, and served as a clinical dietitian at Hempstead General Hospital for over nine years.

After working for nine years in a hospital setting Ms Kur decided it was time to make a difference in people’s lives before they wound up under medical care. In 1987, Ms Kur along with her late partner Evelyn Knapp an exercise physiologist established the Personal Training Institute. PTI has grown from an 800 square ft facility in 1987 to 14 centers, and is now the Head of Nutritional Services for the company. Currently, Ms. Kur is responsible for program development and quality control of nutrition services provided at the PTI locations.  Ms. Kur is a sought after guest speaker on numerous radio, cable and network television programs. She has also recently authored a chapter on health and fitness in TICK TOCK, STOP THE CLOCK.

She is the mother of two beautiful daughters and is actively involved in supporting Long Island Against Breast Cancer, Freds Team, Avon Walk and any other foundations raising money for the fight against breast cancer. In addition to her ownership of the Personal Training Institute, She is on the board of Directors for Strength for Life, a non for profit organization that provides exercise for people undergoing treatment for various types of cancer. The organization was created in honor of the late Evelyn Knapp.

Ms. Kur earned her BS Degree in Clinical Nutrition and her Master Degree in Nutrition Education from Queens College.

Favorite Quote :  This is how I have lived my live and I truly believe in what this says:

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what live brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.”